Please find some frequently asked questions below. If your question is not answered, please contact us. We’d love to hear from you.

Payment FAQ's

Here you will find some answers to questions you may have regarding our payment options.

Is my payment secure?

Livingstones Supply Co. hold an SSL certificate which allows us to offer you a secure, encrypted checkout experience when purchasing through our online store. Any personal and payment details will be encrypted before they are sent to our site. We do not store any banking or credit card details.

Can I make my payment from another country?

Yes, our secure payment gateway accepts payments in any currency, provided that the country of source does not disallow such payments. Payments are subject to the currency conversion rate displayed at the time of purchase. If the payment falls short or over due to currency conversion, the client is liable for the amount that is short. Regarding the over payment this will stay as a credit on the clients account.

What guarantee do I have that once I have paid for my order, that I will receive it?

We guarantee that once payment has been received for goods and courier fees, that the goods will be dispatched (provided the items are in stock), within the time period stated at purchase. In the event that an item is not in stock and such paid order has not been dispatched within 14 working days, the customer will have the option of requesting us to refund the full purchase price and courier fee.

Shipping FAQ's

Here you will find some answers to questions you may have regarding shipping of your order.

How long it takes to ship my order?

Most orders are shipped within 1-3 business days after payment has been verified and received. Should your order take longer to ship, we will inform you of the estimated shipping time via email. We encourage you to use the product enquiry links available on all product pages to confirm availability and shipping times for each product you are interested in purchasing. Alternatively, you can add all the products you wish to order in your cart, and confirm availability for all of them at once from the My cart page.

How long does it usually take to deliver?

When you are selecting a shipping option, delivery time is indicated next to the option name. These times reflect working days, and unless otherwise stated, they are not guaranteed. Note that the delivery time commences from the time your order is shipped, and not from the time you place the order. For most items we ship the orders within 2 working days, but for some items it can take much longer. If you require your goods urgently or before a certain date, please inform us via email at when placing your order, so we can inform you well in advance if we foresee any potential delay.

What if my order goes missing?

In the unlikely event of your order being lost, by the logistics service provider, we would do our best to assist you in recovering or replacing the items lost. We do however strongly advise our customers to choose the insurance option when making use of a logistics provider.

Can you ship to P. O. Box?

Yes, we can but you need to insure the goods.You will also need to be aware of the limitations of the postal service in terms of size.

Can you ship overseas?

Yes this service is provided through logistics service providers advertised on our website.

I need to ship an item back to you, how do I do that?

Please visit the terms and conditions of our website to view our returns policy.

Do I have to wait for the money transfer to go through, before my order gets shipped?

Yes! We will not ship any order which is not paid in full. The fastest way to expedite shipping your order is for you to pay by EFT.

Return Policies FAQ's

Here you will find some answers to questions you may have regarding returning items.

I need to ship a faulty product back to you, how do I do that and do I have to pay for it?

Shipping and Transport charges are for the customers account, no sale of goods covers delivery or return charges.

Is my order protected by Supplier Warranties?

Yes, all products retain their supplier warranties subject to the respective supplier warranty policies

General FAQ's

Here you will find some answers to questions you may have regarding general queries.

What if I have a question that isn't answered here?

There are a number of points covered by our terms and conditions document, we suggest that you have a read through that. If you cannot find the answers there, please feel free to email us your question or query at