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BC Stainless Steel Tot Measure 25/50ml

R23.38 (R26.89 inc.Vat)

BC Stainless Steel Boston Shaker 828ml/28oz

R51.10 (R58.77 inc.Vat)

BC Chrome Waiters Friend with bottle opener

R66.53 (R76.51 inc.Vat)

Teak Stand for 5 Bottle Stoppers (excl stoppers)

R191.70 R136.00 (R156.40 inc.Vat)

Metal Ashtray small

R250.18 (R287.71 inc.Vat)

BC Deluxe Bar Caddy – 6 Division (Black)

R352.80 (R405.72 inc.Vat)

Silverware – Wine Bottel Stopper with Animal

R417.15 (R479.72 inc.Vat)

BC Bar Caddy Condiment Holder S/S 6 Division

R436.80 (R502.32 inc.Vat)

BC Ice Crusher – Hand – 160x200x260mm

R718.20 (R825.93 inc.Vat)

Silverware – Snack Bowl with Animal – Medium

R764.10 (R878.72 inc.Vat)

Copperware – Ice Bucket Plain

R2,745.90 (R3,157.79 inc.Vat)

BC Bar Blender Hamilton / Beach with Plastic Jug

R2,947.00 (R3,389.05 inc.Vat)