Livingstones Supply Co offers some fantastic safes for in-room safety of client items. The Supersound Air horns is also a very good item to have in your rooms in remote areas to assist with “emergency” communication between staff and guests.

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HOT Harmony 3HL in Room Laptop Safe (Black)

R2,457.81 (R2,826.48 inc.Vat)

HOT Harmony 5HL Electronic Safe

R2,703.13 (R3,108.60 inc.Vat)

Loud ‘n Clear Emergency Alarm Station

R330.66 (R380.26 inc.Vat)

Loud ‘n Clear Refills (185g) 

R137.70 (R158.36 inc.Vat)

Loud ‘n Clear Siren (185g)

R194.75 (R223.96 inc.Vat)
SL 14" Digital Safe 200x430x350cm(d)

SL 14″ Digital Safe 200x430x350cm(d)

R1,460.16 (R1,679.18 inc.Vat)
SL Document Safe 280H X 370W X 290D

SL Document Safe 280H X 370W X 290D

R941.85 (R1,083.13 inc.Vat)

SS Personal Alarm

R155.11 (R178.38 inc.Vat)

SS Personal Alarm Refill

R90.64 (R104.24 inc.Vat)